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Anord is a single-player 2.5D Sci-fi Action RPG Platformer set in a post-war era. It has horror elements and challenging boss fights only suitable for brave souls. You play as a cyborg, made to infiltrate enemy fronts at any cost. You level up and customize your character's abilities to match your playstyle and defeat stronger enemies and bosses.



Left behind in a scientific facility, you wake up to find yourself amid a profound war between Sun's Nation Corporation (SNC) and Rebels fighting for Earth's freedom. As you explore the furthest reaches of Earth and space while encountering various enemies, the character you decide to become will help the Rebels get victorious. You are the unplanned variable in SNC's evasion equations. Break their code!

Game Features
  • Striking visuals with a day-night system, different weather seasons, all rendered in 3D.

  • Customize Weapons: Create your custom weapons by changing weapon components found throughout the game.

  • Combat: Choose your combat style by selecting a class and your abilities. Go fast, go deadly, go steady. You choose!

  • Exploration: Uncover hidden secrets and accomplish quests though-out the Anord' environment.

  • Quests: Get side quests from NPCs, and find rare items.

  • Unique levels: Play different levels from indoor labs, churches, old abandoned cities, and forest locations.

  • Abilities: Level up your character and add new abilities, including a drone companion.

  • Inventory: Build up your inventory with many different item types, weapons, ammo, components, etc.

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